The Significance of Smartphones

Smartphones are a prime symbol of the technological period today, the Information Age. They allow us to communicate with others at high speed and allow us to find information with a brief motion of the fingers.  Everything a personal desktop computer or laptop is able to do, a smartphone can at just a fraction of the size. It is essentially a portable source of information.

Walking throughout Fordham, being in an area where someone is not glanced down looking at their phone is an impossible task.  This suggests that smartphones have become an integral part of life and thus society.

The first cell phone call was made 42 years ago. The advancements made in technology within these forty-two years compared to the advancements made in the same period of time in any previous century is far greater. This means that the growth of information and technology is exponential.

In addition to the Information Age, we also live in the post-industrial society due to the replacement of human labor with machines. This is a social system where economic activity is concerned with providing services based on knowledge more than the industrial society that is concerned with producing goods. Compared to an industrial society, people are more involved with others and providing services of knowledge rather than producing goods from factories.


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