Transhumanist Utopia

We are living in a proto-utopia, that is to say, a utopia defined as evolving, in its early stages. The utopia can be defined in such a way due to the exponential growth of information and technology, which ‘evolves’ our standard of living. Eventually, all human problems cease to exist, due to the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, which clearly allows for the term utopia.

The utopia we live in can then be described as being in its ‘primitive’ stages, as we are in the “knee of the curve” in the plot of the exponential growth of technology. The knee is where the point in time is rapidly approaching the surge of intelligence. This identification is correct, as only recently have we begun to notice and feel the effects of the massive changes brought in our lives by technology. Indeed, previous generations now have trouble using and keeping up with the technology of today.

linear vs exponential

Many educational programs and institutions have even been created to address these issues of accelerating growth. One such institution is Singularity University, whose mission is “to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges” (

Like the technological singularity, we find with great difficulty to see the events in a transhuman future. Since the technological singularity posits the end of human suffering, then the human condition and thus humans ceases to exist. This new state is the being that has transcended the human condition, or transhumanism.


This idea of higher being has spawned a new movement by the same name, also known as h+. The transhumanist agenda is to make revolutionary technology (A.I., nanotechnology) available to everyone and not just the intellectually or wealthy elite, ensuring the best possible posthuman state.


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